Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dearest Taurusians!

It has been an immense honour and privilege for me to have served as your captain and it is with great pride and joy that I address you here now in the aftermath of an excellent Imu Cup campaign for Taurus, a 6 week adventure which saw us crowned as the IMU CUP 2010 Overall Champions as well as seeing us amass a record total of no less than 8 Golds, 8 Silvers and 3 Bronzes as we BULLdozed our way to the title in true bull TAURUS STYLE!

Monday, 11th of October 2010 marked the end of my last Imu Cup and concluded an amazing 6 weeks in which we, as a HOUSE, as a TEAM, as a UNIT got to play hard, cheer hard and yell our hearts out, supporting each other as we fought our way to victory after victory. Together with all of you I savoured the joy of winning, the harsh regret caused by rash decisions and mourned those near misses... but more so, I got to experience firsthand and be inspired by that burning passion and indomitable never-say-die fighting spirit that all of you Taurusians exhibited, and that have so very clearly been the driving force behind our inexorable march to the title this year!

It seems only just last week when i stood before some of you in our first house meeting this year, where i was in the running to be the House Captain. I remember declaring to those present then that our aim for this Imu Cup was to be crowned champions. But for those of you who were present last year and knew we only finished 4th in the last Imu Cup, it probably would have seemed like a tall order. And indeed it was. In all honesty I did not have much confidence in my claim and the only reason I mentioned it at all was because I wanted to persuade more people to participate (Remember mass participation?) and not repeat the mistake of last year where we ended up forfeiting and getting 0 points for 5 different sports. Yet you people rose to the challenge and proved me wrong as you played your hearts out for each other and for Taurus!

There are many different examples where you guys and girls were underdogs or were disadvantaged but still fought to the very end, full of self belief and fighting spirit. Volleyball girls was a very good example of that. I was so proud of you girls as you pushed your opponents to the very end and I felt that same heartbreak that you girls did when you lost so closely, not once but twice! There are still plenty of other examples, such as football and basketball, where you guys displayed sheer grit and determination and once again that never-say-die attitude that was just so awe-inspiring to see.

I am proud as well of the fact that in all the sports I attended and participated in and that I know of, all of you Taurusians played fairly, displayed sportsmanship and integrity and were gracious both in victory and defeat, even when sometimes defeat came rather unexpectedly and at the very last moment. Isn't that right Scrabble Team? ;) And of course, not to forget the most important thing of all.. which is to have fun! It was a joy to see each and everyone of you enjoying what you were doing, laughing and having fun because that is what Imu Cup is and should be about. To have fun! Right cheerleaders? :D

The glory of winning Imu Cup 2010 belongs not to me, but to each and everyone of you who have participated and supported the House in one way or another. This victory is yours, Enjoy it!

Taurusians! You have given me some of the greatest memories of my time here in IMU that I will never forget and for that I offer my humblest gratitude. I would also like to specially thank those of you who have helped me so much along the way.

Firstly, my house core committee consisting of my Vice Captains Tej and Hsu Huei, secretaries Erin and Arvinf, quartermasters Jiayun and Jittong, treasurer Lauren and my super design girl Grace!
Secondly, my sports captains, especially my cheerleading captain Jason! I salute you guys and girls for your passion, commitment and dedication! You have made all this possible. Thank you!
And of course, my super athletes! There are many of you and I apologise if I forget some names.. I'm growing old after all. But just to mention some names, Je Vin, Michelle Peris, Clement, Imran, Ting King, Elaine, Hsu Huei, Tay, Shiyi, Li Teng, Wei Rong and my beloved Cheerleaders! Thank you all for taking so much time off of your busy schedule and contributing so much to the house. You are appreciated. :)

My job is done. Till next Imu Cup Taurusians! Till then, be proud to wear your house shirt and be proud to be in Taurus!



Tan Jia Wei
Taurus House Captain 2010

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

IMU CUP 2010 Finale

Hi guys, the IMU CUP Finale is on the 11th of October, Monday. Our cheerleading team will be performing on that day after weeks of grueling training and they need your fullest support! So come down to the atrium at 7 pm on Monday with your TAURUS SHIRT and support the cheerleading team! Go Taurus! Also, if we do manage to win the IMU CUP, I invite all Taurus members to come down to the stage and celebrate with us and take a picture together to keep this wonderful memory alive. Also, this picture will most likely be in the IMU Synapse Newsletter so if you want to see yourself in there, do come and support the team! ;)

Just to conclude the results for IMU CUP 2010 thus far, excluding cheerleading:

Badminton - Gold
Basketball - Gold
Bowling - Gold
Debate - Gold
Road Relay - Gold
Pool - Gold
Snooker - Gold
Touch Rugby - Gold

Swimming - Silver
Track and Field - Silver
Scrabble - Silver
Darts - Silver
Squash - Silver
Chinese Chess - Silver
International Chess - Silver
Futsal Girls - Silver

Futsal Men - Bronze
Table Tennis - Bronze
Dota - Bronze

Tennis - 4th Place

Football - 5th/6th Place
Volleyball Men - 5th/6th Place
Volleyball Girls - 5th/6th Place
Basketball Girls - 5th/6th Place
Netball - 5th/6th Place

jiawei wrote at 2:27 AM

5th and 6th Weeks of IMU CUP

Squash we've achieved SILVER!
Well done squash team! we lost only narrowly and once again like in all the other sports, it was the fighting spirit of the team that made me proud to be from Taurus! A big thanks to the team!
Sunil (Captain)
Hamza Ikram
Ting King
Elaine Lobo
Yong Kai Yunn

Scrabble we got SILVER! losing at the very last moment due to a tremendous piece of luck from the opponent team. It was a heartbreak for the poor scrabble players and to see them having tried so hard and leading all the way, only to lose at the last moment to what i can only describe as luck was really heartrending. Still, you guys played your hearts out and i am proud of each and every one of you! Sometimes luck plays a factor in competitions, but the way you guys played out there today, you will always be champions in my eyes :)
Huge praise for the scrabble team!

Shariffa Syahida (Captain)
Tiffany Soon
Je Vin
Yan Rui

Football we bowed out of the group stages but at least we bowed out with a win and only got knocked out by goal difference! We needed a win of 2 goals over Phoenix to qualify for semi finals. Phoenix, who were one of the favourites and whom everyone expected to win us. Still, we went out there and outplayed them and won 2-1! but still it was not enough to qualify us. But in the end, the fighting spirit showed by this group of underdogs who fought against adversity and almost triumphed was truly inspiring! GO TAURUS!

Alvin Lee Wei Rong (Captain)
Tejvinder Singh
Khor Jie Xun
Jit Tong
Kwong Howe
Darryl Wong Zhun Han
Ting King
Andrew Chin
Phillip Tan

Table Tennis we've achieved BRONZE! Good job paddlers! You've done us proud! :D

Tay Yao Zong (Captain)
Clement Tan
Cheng Chun
Chua Shiyi
Li Teng
Ing Ching
Ti Fanny

Basketball Men we've achieved GOLD! Awesome job basketballers! The crux of the team were here since last Imu Cup last year and after only getting Silver last year, they've done one better and gotten Gold this time around! Well done Taurus Basketball Team!

Je Haw (Captain)
Jun How
Fook Zhen

Road Relay we've achieved GOLD! Fantastic job my runners! None of us were the best individually, but together we proved ourselves a force to be reckoned with! Good job!

Chua Shi Yi (Captain)
Michelle Peris
Jia Wei
Tejvinder Singh
Jian Lee

Debate we've achieved GOLD!
In fact we had 2 teams in the finals and one team got GOLD while the other got BRONZE! Still in the end we're not allowed to get the points for both Gold and Bronze so we only got the points for Gold. still, extremely good job by the debate team!

Amanda Liew (Captain)
Samantha Sii
Melody Wong
Bryan Ang
Fook Zhen

Team 1: Amanda and Samantha - Bronze
Team 2: Melody and Sumya - Gold
Team 3: Bryan and Fook Zhen - Semi Finals

Tennis we've achieved 4th Place! In truth, we were not expected to make much impact in this competition and the fact that we managed to break into semi-finals was an overachievement in itself! Good job Tennis team!

Joanne Perreira (Captain)
Ting King
Julian Phang
Jia Wei
Jit Tong
Michelle Peris

Track and Field we amassed 2 golds, 5 silvers, 6 bronzes and achieved Silver at the end with a grand total of 82 points! Well done track and field team! We also witnessed a legendary run from Tej as he caught up from 4th place to 1st place in the 4x400m Men's Relay! Well done Tej!
Long Jump - Elaine, Bronze
100m - Elaine, Silver
200m - Wendy, Gold
400m - Cheryl, Bronze
800m - Michelle, Silver
1500m - Shiyi, Bronze
4x100m Relay - Wendy, Elaine, Polly, Erin - Silver
4x400m Relay - Cheryl, Shiyi, Ming Wee, Michelle - Bronze


400m - Arvinf, Bronze
800m - Tej, Silver
1500m - Jia Wei, Silver
4x400m Relay - Tej, Jia Wei, Tay Yao Zong, Arvinf - Gold

4x100 Mixed Medley Relay - Wendy, Elaine, Tej, Nicholas - Bronze

Track and Field Team

Tejvinder Singh (Captain)
Jia Wei
Alvin Lee Wei Rong
Tay Yao Zong
Ting King
Chua Shiyi
Michelle Peris
Elaine Lobo
Polly Yap
Cheryl Tan
Ming Wee

Pool we've achieved GOLD! Well done Pool Team! You guys have achieved the Snooker and Pool double this year which is definitely no mean feat. Congratulations!

Je Vin (Captain)
Melvin Yip
Khaw Li Li

Touch Rugby! The last sports event for IMU CUP 2010. and guess what we got? Yes, GOLD! What a fitting end to an excellent IMU CUP for Taurus! We started as a team which no one was sure what to expect from but when we won our first match 4-1 we became the team to watch out for and we BULLdozed our way to Gold! Well done Touch Rugby Team!

Imran (Captain)
Wei Rong
Tay Yao Zong
Fook Zhen
Jia Wei
Wei Jin
Elaine Lobo
Polly Yap
Melody Wong

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

3rd and 4th week of IMU CUP

and after another 2 exhausting weeks of IMU CUP albeit with a week's break in between, (yes i am very burnt out >.<) we have the following results:

we've achieved Silver ! Well done!
a big thanks to the darts team comprising:
Bryan Ang (Captain)
Tony Yew
Huan Tom
Jia Wei
Michelle Peris
Wan Yee
Sarah Ng

Badminton we've achieved GOLD! Fantastic job badminton team!

Li Lin (Captain)
Tay Yao Zong
Weei Jier
Clement Tan
Mei Fong
Hsu Huei
Li Zhen

we've achieved Silver! Well done SWIM TEAM! :D

Jia Wei (Captain)
Hsu Huei
Jia Yun
Woan Hui
Cheng Wen
Ming Yao
Wei Jie

Squash we won Hydra and Draco in the group stages and are now into the Semis! Good luck squash team! The semifinals will be on wednesday.

Girls Basketball we lost to Hydra and are now out at the group stages but still well done girls for the valiant attempt! :)

Football we lost to Hydra but still have a match against Phoenix next week! Good luck football team and never give up!

Table Tennis we lost unfortunately to a strong Draco Team in the semi-finals but we still have a shot at 3rd place against Phoenix on Monday! Go table tennis team!!

Dota we've achieved Bronze. Well done dota team! :)
Wai Bin (Captain)
Jia Wei
Sam Wai Hou
Tejvinder Singh

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Second Week of IMU CUP

For Darts we won Draco in the semi finals and got into the finals. we will be facing off against Griffin on Tuesday at 6.30 pm. GO TAURUS!

Volleyball girls and guys we lost to Pegasus and unfortunately are unable to proceed to the semifinals. The girls especially were particularly unlucky as they almost managed to beat pegasus, pushing them all the way to rubber set and holding a deuce. Despite the fact that they were the underdogs, they showed amazing fighting spirit to keep persevering on and nearly caused an upset! That's what the Taurus spirit should be like! 3 cheers for the girls! :D

Arvinf (Captain)
Jun How
Jia Wei
Jit Tong
Kwong Howe

Diana Chelsea (Captain)
Ee Ling
Jia Wen
Mei Yeng

Basketball guys we lost narrowly to Hydra but won Griffin and have thus made it into the semifinals!
Basketball girls we lost to Griffin but now have another match against Hydra to decide if we can make it into the semi finals.

Table Tennis we beat Pegasus and are into the semi-finals! We still have another match against Griffin that will decide if we can top our group.

Chess we got SILVER! Good job to the Chess Team!
Chi Hau (Captain)
Tay Yao Zong
Amanda Ling

Futsal we got BRONZE for guys and SILVER for girls!
Good job teams!

Joe (Captain)
Le Ping (Co-Captain)
Wei Rong
Ting King

Li Teng (Captain)
Michelle Peris
Joanne Perreira

Bowling we got ourselves a GOLD!
heard that we steamrolled the opposition :D great job to the bowling team!

Cheng Chun (Captain)
Je Vin

Pool we're into the semi finals! Great job!

We're doing good so far people! Keep up the Taurus spirit and keep on fighting all the way! But don't just focus on the win and forget to have fun!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

First Week of IMU CUP


For Darts we won both Hydra and Pegasus in the group stage and got into the semi finals. GO TAURUS!

Volleyball girls and guys we lost to Griffin in the group stages and we have to win Pegasus to get into the semifinals. Volleyball girls especially was an extremely close match and we were unlucky not to in. So come down to the green zone and support your team! we definitely need your support! Check the IMU CUP timetable for the timing of the matches

Chinese Chess we got Silver! Congrats to the team comprising of
1. Clement Tan Kai Xiang from P110
2. Guo Hong from P110
3. Weei Jier from M110
4. Polly from MB108
5. Amanda Liew from M109 :D
6. Ignatius Liew from M110

special thanks to Amanda and Polly for answering my last minute SOS call! (we were lacking a girl player at the last moment) and my apologies if i disturbed you to those other girls whom i called at 1 am on Sat morning.

we were unlucky to be paired up in a tough group with eventual competition winners Hydra and runners-up Draco. So we were unable to advance to the semi finals. Bad luck :(
still, very good job and very good effort to all the netball members! Proud of you! :)
1. Sharon
2. Ana
3. Sharifah Amirah
4. Hannah
5. Krystal Lee
6. Naimah
7. Elise
8. Siew Ling
9. Amanda Liew
10. Joanne Pereira

we got GOLD! Good job to the team captained by Imran from M209 and comprising Melvin from MB108, Je Vin from M209 and Li Li from M209!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Attention to all Taurus Sports Reps :)

hey there captains, here's a friendly request from our Taurus Treasurer.

we need your cooperation to fill up and hand in your individual Sport's Budget Proposal to Lauren.
the document can be obtained from the IMU CUP folder on I-Drive, under the Taurus folder.
title of the document is Proposal Events Budget 2010.

you can email the proposal to Lauren, here's her email address:

dateline is: 3rd september 2010 (friday)

so please remember to fill up the form and email it back to Lauren k. your promptness will go a long way to help approve your budgets... so dont be late!

thx and good luck with your sports!

IMU Taurus wrote at 5:06 PM

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tennis players ahoy!

hey there taurian's...

we are looking for tennis players for the Cup,

if you are interested, please do contact Joanne at 012-680 2023.

thx and do spread the word ard!

IMU Taurus wrote at 3:06 PM

Friday, August 20, 2010

IMU CUP 2010 Calendar

IMU Taurus wrote at 1:28 AM

Monday, August 16, 2010


hi ppl! take note that the imu cup calendar has been updated again! look below for the updated calendar. also, for those sports who have not gotten your equipment yet or have questions regarding your budget and funding. message me on facebook for now. i will be back in KL on the 22nd of Aug.

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Contact us at imutaurus@gmail.com

House Commitee

Tan Jia Wei

Tejvinder Singh
Lai Hsu Huei




Jia Yun

Batch Reps and Sports Reps

List of Sports Captains

Health Sciences: Polly, Melvin

IMU CUP 2010 Calendar



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